This Year's Theme

Information for Parents

Picture courtesy AAMP

Because National History Day is a highly regarded program linked to both national and Pennsylvania State education standards, parents find the program an exciting way to support education outcomes in grades 6-12 and to help their kids have an exciting "hands-on" learning experience.

Here are some ways parents can help their kids make the most of National History Day:

  • Encourage their child's teacher(s) to have the class participate in the National History Day or mentor students who are interested in participating.
  • Support their child's class participation in doing project work including conducting research at libraries, archives, and museums or conducting oral history interviews.
  • Encourage their child to develop critical thinking skills by getting them beyond simply relaying facts.
  • Be supportive of their child producing a project, helping them to manage time and follow a schedule.
  • Help their child's school if it holds a local contest or fair that gives students a "dress rehearsal" or elimination round.
  • Volunteer for the National History Day Philly! competition. Many helping hands are needed to make this a wonderful experience for our children! Contact us if you are interested.
  • Most importantly, give their child the gift of life-long learning by helping them explore the cultural resources in their community and region for a National History Day project. Check out the Greater Philadelphia Marketing and Tourism Corporation's Culture Files