This Year's Theme


Overview of the NEW registration system for 2017:

If you are a teacher who wants to register student projects for the 2017 NHD Philly contests and you have not received the unique link, please contact us.

  • This year we are using a standard Google Form. You simply fill out the required information for each of the projects you are entering (Project type, title, student name, school name, teacher name, etc.).
  • The form will automatically stop accepting registrations on Monday February 6 at 6 PM.
  • There is an individual Google Form (and specific link) for the Junior Division and Senior Division, so you will not see a division question on the registration form itself.
  • It is possible to submit the registration and then go back in and edit it later, but you must save the individual link for that project. At the confirmation page after you have successfully entered a project, you will see this option: "To go back and edit your response, click "Edit Your Response" Click that and save the URL in the address bar. You MUST remember to save that individual link if you want to edit that project at any point. It may be wise to save all your project links just in case!
  • Only one teacher may register their students. The form does not allow for multiple teachers per project.

Please make sure that all of your students' projects are correctly registered by February 6 at 6 PM. No late registrations - or registration changes - will be accepted.

Websites and papers are due at the close of registration. Submission instructions below; they have not changed significantly since last year.


  1. Papers should be sent to
  2. PDF format is strongly preferred, but Word documents will be accepted. No other types of files will be accepted.
  3. The entire paper (including bibliography) should be sent as one document.
  4. We will send an email to confirm that a paper has been received and is accessible.
  5. The title of the email should be the student's division, last name, and the title of her/his project (or a recognizable shortened version of their title). For example: "Senior, Jones, The Lincoln Douglass Debate"


  1. All websites should have been created through the NHD Weebly portal. If your student used regular Weebly, the website can be converted - SEE BELOW.
  2. Make sure you enter the project URL when you or your students register their websites. That web address is what we will send to the judges. Remember the URL should look something like:

    If the address between http:// and is not a string of 8 numbers, but instead looks personalized - like:

    -it should be converted.
  3. Once the website address is entered correctly into the online registration system, it is accessible to us. There is no need to send a separate e-mail.
  4. We will notify teachers if any web addresses are not valid/accessible.

A Few Other Notes About Websites:

  • Students will be locked out of their websites at the close of registration, so projects should be in final form by the Monday Feb. 6 deadline.
  • Being locked out of their projects means that students are unable to do edits. They (like the judges) will still be able to view it.
  • Website judging takes place in advance -- the judges will have reviewed the website by the day of competition. On competition day, the judges will briefly go through the site with the students as part of their interview.
  • For students advancing to the state competition, the websites will be available for editing from the day after the NHD Philly competition to the submission deadline for the state contest.

Conversion from a Regular Weebly Account:

If students mistakenly used regular Weebly for their websites, they can simply sign into NHD Weebly ( with their login information and click the "Convert" button when prompted to change their account and URL to NHD Weebly. Only NHD Weebly websites will be accepted for the contest.

Remember that all student participants must fill out and submit a media release form!