This Year's Theme

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Information for Educators

Picture courtesy AAMP

Because National History Day is a highly regarded program linked to both national and Pennsylvania State education standards, local teachers find the program an exciting way to meet education outcomes in grades 6-12 and to provide their students with an exciting "hands-on" learning experience.

Teachers are important in helping students participate in National History Day!

  • Teachers coach students on research skills, like using libraries, archives, and museums or conducting oral history interviews.
  • Teachers can challenge their students to develop their critical thinking skills by getting them beyond just relaying facts.
  • Teachers can guide students through the process of producing a project, helping them to manage time and follow a schedule.
  • Most importantly, teachers can make the National History Day project work an integral part of classroom learning, thereby linking the classroom to a real life and rewarding experience!

Many schools participating in National History Day will hold a local contest or fair at their school to give students a "dress rehearsal" or elimination round. These are ways to prepare students for the regional, state and national competitions levels, where they will have to present their project work and be evaluated.

Many teachers seek parent involvement with National History Day, which has proven a wonderful way for building lasting connections.

Resources and Tools for Teachers