This Year's Theme

Winners: National History Day Philadelphia 2022

Senior Group Documentary

PlaceProject titleStudents
ThirdCentral Park 5: A Diplomatic Solution to Debating Criminal JusticeMary Tariku, Ava Abner-Middleton, Aniylah Whiting
SecondThe Tuskegee Study: Racism, Mistrust, and the Transformation of Modern BioethicsHavana Covington, Lachlan Pepersack
FirstBanana Skirts, Babies, and Bankruptcy: How Debates over Josephine Baker's Career Led to the Revolution of the Entertainment IndustryYassmine Motya, Rennie Lee, Joanna Wu

Senior Individual Documentary

PlaceProject titleStudents
Honorable MentionRedlining Redefined: Debate, Diplomacy, and the Devastating Legacy of Housing DiscriminationNicole Tsisin
ThirdBloody Sunday and the Voting Rights Act: Debate and Diplomacy from Selma to the BallotGavriela Kalish-Schur
SecondDrag and Ballroom: Its Impact on Black Culture Cache-Simone Campbell
FirstBuilding up to Brown: Thurgood Marshall's Strategy Towards Ending SegregationAnna Pratic̣

Senior Individual Paper

PlaceProject titleStudents
Third"We Bear the Biggest Burdens": The Diplomacy of Black Female Athletes during the Civil Rights EraAnya Finlay
Second"Potential Rivals in the Struggle to Earn a Living": The Debate over Civil War Conscriptions That Ignited a Civilian InsurrectionTino Karakousis
First"It Is a Terror . . . That Men Should Be Handelled So in Pennsylvania": Early Quaker Reasoning, Debate, and the Abolitionist Influence of The Germantown Friends' Protest Against SlaveryBronte Short

Senior Group Website

PlaceProject titleStudents
FirstThe Compromise of 1850: Diplomatic Efforts to Unite a Divided NationNicolas Dorazio, Joshua Cohen

Senior Individual Website

PlaceProject titleStudents
ThirdLoving v. Virginia: A Momentous Step for Desegregation in AmericaJessica Hou
Second"I Am a Man": How Black Sanitation Workers Challenged Racial InequalityQueena Chen
First"Virtue Knows No Color Line": Ida B. Wells' Use of Debate and Diplomacy in the Women's Suffrage Movement to Advocate for Racial JusticeSofiat Bamidele

Senior Individual Exhibit

PlaceProject titleStudents
ThirdBooks in Black and White: Debate and Diplomacy on White Involvement in the Harlem RenaissanceGrace Polito
SecondRoe v Wade: The Debate over Reproductive Rights Siboney Carter
FirstHow Four Dolls Changed America: The Psychological Perspective on Brown v. BoardElla Berman

Senior Individual Performance

PlaceProject titleStudents
First"The Echo of Your Soul's Unrest": Frances Harper's Advocacy for Black Women's SuffrageCandelaria Beatty

Junior Group Documentary

PlaceProject titleStudents
SecondHow the Tiananmen Square Protests Affected Chinese and American DiplomacyMax Cordaro, Liam Haines
First"Let This Caged-Up Black Man Start Thinking:" Malcolm X Debating at the Oxford Union Deyon Fullard, Bailey Spivey

Junior Individual Paper

PlaceProject titleStudents
Honorable MentionGrand Slams & Strikeouts: How Baseball United Two Divided CountriesWilliam Bozzelli
Honorable MentionFear of Communist Influence: Peril in Latin AmericaConnor Cusack