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Qualifiers, Senior Division, National History Day Philadelphia 2017

Group Documentary
"Overcoming Injustice in the Skies: The Tuskegee Airmen"Masterman High SchoolJacob Smollen, Kaveen Harohalli, Noel Chacko, Guillem Graņa-Garriga
"Female Pioneers: The End of Central's Male Elite" Central High SchoolBella Greene, Lily Cohen, Emmett Gordon
"Silent Night: The Quaker Prison Experiment"Central High School Kejsi Ruka, Yasmine Mezoury
"The Niagara Movement: The Drop of Water that Started a Waterfall"Masterman High School Ryo Lindsey, Ethan Soloway Torres
"The Little Rock Nine: Integration through Determination"Masterman High School Karen Zheng, Lola Miilder, Margaret Kim, Avalon Hinchman, Alice Stricker
Individual Documentary
"Bayard Rustin: Leading from the Shadows"Masterman High SchoolMalcolm Margasak
"The Triumph and Tragedy of the Creation of Superheroes" Constitution High SchoolFaheiim Cooper
Group Exhibit
"COINTELPRO: Hoover's Plot to Destroy Black Activism"Masterman High School Zachary Wray, Aden Gonzales
"Evil In The Garden of Victory" Central High School Cindy Mani, Emly Moise, Tamanaa Atrafi, Nirmine Hachemi-Bouzid, Michelle Yuen
"16th Street Bombing"Constitution High School Deajah Comer, Farrah Faison
"Malcolm X and Black Nationalism"Constitution High School Fariha Kazi, Alexis Wray, Kasey McCausland
Individual Exhibit
"You've Got Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Study"Mastrman High SchoolEleanor Grauke
"The Ongoing Struggle for Black Representation" Masterman High SchoolTaryn Flaherty
"Mass Incaraceration"Constitution High School Ti'Yanna Tomlin
"The Tragedy of Pearl Harbor"Abraham Lincoln High SchoolYasid Adediran
"The Triumph and Tragedy of Unionism: Knights of Labor"Constitution High School Theresah Mensa
Individual Paper
"For the Love of Hip Hop: The Genre's Triumphs and Tragedies"Masterman High SchoolTatiana Bennett
"United and Most Hostile Attitude: The Treaties, Tragedies, and Triumphs of Palestine and the First World War" St. Joseph's Preparatory SchoolAidan McGahey
"The Syphilis Study in Macon County, Alabama: Tragedy in Tuskegee"Masterman High School Emmie Chacker
" 'I am Sitting Bull; follow me' ": The Rise and Fall of Chief Tataŋka Iyotaŋka ('Sitting Bull') and the Sioux"St. Joseph's Preparatory SchoolRichard Raup
"The Monument We Destroyed: The Triumphs and Tragedies of New York's Original Pennsylvania Station"St. Joseph's Preparatory School Ian Balaratna
Group Performance
"The Harlem Renaissance: 'Pain Swallowed in a Smile' " Masterman High School Aylin Ergin, Virginia Yu, Irene Yarovoi, Caroline Bach
"The Vigilant Committee of Philadelphia" Constitution High School Caren Teague, Jaidyn Hart
"Elizabeth Eckford of the Little Rock Nine and the Tragedy of Integration" Central High School Esmerelda Zere, Kimberly Danni, Jenny Dong, Jennifer Butler, Beyonce Gonzalez
Individual Performance
"An Immersive Image: John White's Roanoke" Central High Schoo Enoch Tariku
"The Seneca Falls Convention" Constitution High School Lauren Corker
"The Tragic yet Triumphant life of a Slave Girl" Abraham Lincoln High School Trinity Pritchette
Group Website
"Bringing Our Own Seat to the Table: The Flawed Triumph of the Suffragettes"Central High School Abigail Thomas, Maab Taha, Anastasia Volyunuk, Gladys Ramos
"Triumph from Tragedy: ?The Death of Emmett Till and the Birth of the Modern Civil Rights Movement" Constitution High School Dayonna Person, Vinyae Graham
"A Pox on Our House: An Epidemic of Two That Saved Six Million" Central High SchoolMargaux Engel, Celia Duhan
"1910-1945: Japanese Occupation of Korea"Maritime Academy CHSTianna Battle, Melvina Dahn
Individual Website
"The Children's Crusade: Taking Big Matters into Little Hands" Masterman High School Nia Weeks
"Walkouts for Black History: The Fight for Our Story" Masterman High School Alison Fortenberry
"Plastics: Technological Triumph or Ecological Tragedy?"Maritime Academy CHS Luis Alicea
"From College Athletes to WWI Flying Aces: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Hobey Baker and Robert Stiles"Central High SchoolMaryElizabeth Greeley
"The Rallying Cry of the Boston Massacre"Abraham Lincoln High SchoolJason Cao