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Qualifiers, Junior Division, National History Day Philadelphia 2019

Group Documentary
"Struggle for a Cure: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Treatment of Yellow Fever in 1793 Philadelphia" St. Peter's School Aidan Cusack, Cindy Bui
"Tragedy in Birmingham"Julia de Burgos Kierra Augustin, Savanaty Santana, Leiyona Blackwell
Individual Documentary
"Guy Gabaldon: Finding Triumph in a Time of Tragedy on the Battlefield of Saipan"St. Peter's School Silas Grasse
"Alan Turing Documentary" Independence Charter School Maxine Schafroth Doty
"The Peasant's Dream of Triumph: Escaping Oppression in the 1917 Russian Revolution"St. Peter's School Rafaela Rosa
Group Exhibit
"Factory Fire"Woodrow Wilson Middle School Bianca Costa-Luna, Sterlin Boisrond, Richard Kang, Julius Bryce, Adrian Afoawkwa
"The Atomic Bomb: Little Boy and Fat Man"Woodrow Wilson Middle School Zerimar Lopez, Sharon Jin, Amy Tan, Xuiwen Zhen
"General Order Number 11 (1862)"Woodrow Wilson Middle SchoolDezlan Long, Haroun Ramadan, MD-Rahath Rahman, Yusif Kanan
"Christopher Columbus" Woodrow Wilson Middle School Connie Ning, Irene Huang, Sanai Hayes
Individual Exhibit
"China's Revolution" Julia de BurgosJanluis Torres
"A State Ignited: Triumph Through the Tragedy of the 1947 Maine Wildfires"St. Mary Interparochial School Francesca Ellis
"Women's Battalions of Death"Julia de Burgos Luis Lebron
Individual Paper
"Dealing with the Devil: The Triumph and Tragedy of IBM's Business with the Third Reich"St. Peter's School Harry Murphy
Group Performance
"Survivors of Auschwitz" Julia de Burgos Elianis Malave, Tykira Booker, Jennifer Camacho
"The Battle of Life: Robert Smalls" Julia De Burgos School Jenivette Febles, Sophya Torres-Ortiz
Individual Performance
"The People Divided: Bacon's Rebellion and the Creation of Race- based Discrimination in America"St. Peter's School Samuel Miller
Group Website
"Elizabeth Blackwell: First Female Doctor In America"McCall Elementary Xiaomei Jiang, Yayi Liu, Jolin Wang, Yu Lin, Jiankai Li
"Youth Resistance in World War II"Independence Charter School Daniela Loyola, Antasia Olen, Mariely Ortiz, Grace Eagen
Individual Website
"The End of a Feudal Era: Triumph and Tragedy of the Agrarian Reform in 20th Century China" St. Peter's School Jiasheng Shi
"Liquid Gold: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the United States Oil Industry"McCall School Weishan Liu
"The Triumph and Tragedy of D-Day" St. Peter's School Max Hofmann