This Year's Theme

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Qualifiers, Senior Division, National History Day Philadelphia 2018

Individual Documentary
"Uprise"Kewli David Stevens Constitution High SchoolFrancine Gold
"Paving the Way for Brown: The Untold Story of Ada Louis Sipuel Fisher"Isis TruxonPhiladelphia High School for GirlsLouis Austin
Group Documentary
"Ihahamuka: Breathless with Frequent Fear"Kejsi Ruka, Yasmine Mezoury, Aida Gashi and Tristan JenningsCentral High SchoolElliot Drago
"Attention, MOVE! This City is Corrupt: MOVE versus the City of Philadelphia"Alex Tat, Zoe Millstein, Jessica Urofsky and Alina KilcullenMasterman High SchoolLiz Taylor
"Philadelphia's 1944 Transit Strike"Eli Simon, Abigail Leedy and Sasha Hochman Central High SchoolElliot Drago
"Panthers vs. Police: The 1970 Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention" Isaak Popkin and Isaac FinnMasterman High School Liz Taylor
"A Freedom Rider Before Freedom Rides: Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball"Theodore Wyss-Flamm, Lucas Jaegar, Noah Bradley and Zachary Kingsley Masterman High SchoolLiz Taylor
Individual Exhibit
"Flying Horse Riots" Odry Sanchez-GarciaConstitution High SchoolFrancine Gold
"Abbie Hoffman: Challenging Views Against the Vietnam War"Ivana Beato-TineoConstitution High SchoolFrancine Gold
"Marquis de Lafayette: Hero of Two Worlds"Grace Brown Northeast High SchoolAndrew Adams
"Cuban Missile Crisis"Devi YetohConstitution High School Francine Gold
Group Exhibit
"When Morals and Medicine Clash: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment"Katie Huynh, Sijia Zheng, Sima Steinbach, and Nicole Tang Masterman High SchoolLiz Taylor
"Brown V. Board Of Education: Segregation -- Equal or Not?"Semhal Haileselasssie, Tyhiana Tomlin, Yasir Gaither, and Kenyon LivingstonConstitution High SchoolFrancine Gold
"Nightmare on Tiergartenstraße Street"Cindy Mani, Tamanaa Atrafi, Nirmine Hachemi-Bouzid, Emly Moise, and Michelle Yuen Central High SchoolElliot Drago
"'Attention, MOVE! This is America'"Amanda Duckworth and Brooke ThomasMasterman High SchoolLiz Taylor
Individual Paper
"When Police Fail to Protect: Remembering the Tulsa Riot of 1921"Maya PlimackMasterman High SchoolLiz Taylor
"Forestalling 'Subversion and Destruction': Henry Clay and The Compromise of 1850"Connor Mignano St. Joseph's Preparatory SchoolLeo Vaccaro
"Conflict & Compromise: 1977 Section 504 Sit-In"Bea GerberScience Leadership Academy, Center City Pearl Jones
Individual Performance
"Racism: America's 12th Man"Max MesterMasterman High SchoolLiz Taylor
Group Performance
"Daughters of Freedom: Women's struggle for voting rights in America"Esmerelda Zere, Jenny Dong, Kimberly Danni, Jennifer Butler and Juliannie Ortega Central High SchoolElliot Drago
"Anti federalist vs. Federalist: IS IT OVER?"Nydia Arnold, Tamia Frasier, Shakirah Phillip-Small, Autumn Floyd and Oumou DiaConstitution High SchoolFrancine Gold
"Silent Sentinels" Fiona Naw and Riley O'NeillConstitution High SchoolFrancine Gold
Individual Website
"Plessy v. Ferguson: The Beginning of Jim Crow"Sophia JesteenMasterman High SchoolLiz Taylor
"Against All Odds: Louisa May Alcott, Ambition, and Social Conscience" Mary Elizabeth Greeley Central High SchoolElliot Drago
Group Website
"Feminism; The Second Fight For Equality"Kadijah Morales and Brianna Batticks Constitution High SchoolFrancine Gold
"With Liberty and Justice for Some: The Story of Daisy Bates"Maab Taha, Abigail Thomas, Gladys Ramos and Anastasia Volyanyuk Central High SchoolElliot Drago
"Conflict in Education: Brown v. Board of Education"Khayla Gardner and Munirah Small Constitution High SchoolFrancine Gold