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Qualifiers, Senior Division, National History Day Philadelphia 2017

Individual Documentary
"Harriet Tubman: 'The Moses of Her People'"Masterman High SchoolMaria Bellacosa
"When the Children Marched" Masterman High SchoolAlfredo Pratico
"Gary Becker: An Economic Interpretation of Sociological Behaviors"Central High SchoolZhilin Ye
Group Documentary
"The Selma Marches: Two Steps Forward One Step Back for Voting Rights"Masterman High SchoolAbigail Leighton, Madeline Kim, and Eva Faenza
"The Life and Work of Georgie Woods, Broadcast Pioneer of Philadelphia" Central High SchoolDavid Tran, Abigail Leedy, Eli Simon, and Sasha Hochman
"Freedom Riders: 'Hallelujah I'm A Travelin'"Masterman High School Siyi Lin, Angela Zhou, and Megan Chui
"Panthers in the Ring."Science Leadership Academy, Center City, Ijustice Avery, Jorin Gerveni, and Alexander Torres
Individual Exhibit
"Black Panther Party: The Stand for Equality"Constitution High SchoolNeysha Medina
"In the Heat of Competition: The Black Power Salute" Masterman High SchoolIliana Correa
"Muhammed Ali Against the Viet Nam War"Constitution High School Jovanna Miles
Group Exhibit
"Haiti: The Hero of the Western Hemisphere"Masterman High School Sienna Robinson, Megan Shelton, Jennifer Luong and Catherine Liu
"Little Rock, Big Stand" Masterman High School Priscilla Long, Eliza Murphy and Anya Gizis
"The Soul of a Free Man': The Haitian Revolution"Masterman High School High School Edith Nieto-Rojas and Sierra Bonilla
"Si Se Puede: Cesar Chavez"Constitution High School Edith Nieto-Rojas and Sierra Bonilla
Individual Paper
"The Successful Selective Patronage Movement"Masterman High SchoolJoei Camarote
"Thenceforth and Forever Free': How the U.S. Colored Troops Took a Stand in History" Masterman High School Jonathan Nottingham
"Japanese-American, I am" Science Leadership Academy, Center City Eli Bock
Individual Performance
"Season of Freedom" Masterman High Schoo Molly McQuoid
"Standing up for Justice in New England: Louisa May Alcott and her Activist Family" Central High School Mary Elizabeth Greeley
"Women Making Change in History" Parkway Northwest High School for Peace and Social Justice Angelica Rowe
Group Performance
"Wounded Knee: A Battle We're Still Fighting" Constitution High School Caren Teague, Calil Morris, Ashley Turner, and Jeremy Hart
"Muhammed Ali: Taking a Stand Against the Viet Nam War" Constitution High School Nick Butler, Gabe Hands, Dolorio Damico, and Chris Javier
"Broadway: Shuffling Along Through Histor" Central High School Yasmine Mezoury, Kejsi Ruka, and Helen Li
Individual Website
"Champions of Black Power" Masterman High School Helen Liu
"Taking a Stand for 'Loving' Who You Love: Loving v. Virginia" Constitution High School Imani McNear
"Lewis Hine: Taking a Stand against Child Labor"Science Leadership Academy, Center City Tajnia Hussain
Group Website
"The Montgomery Bus Boycott: Taking A Stand By Refusing To Sit"Masterman High School Marina Mancoridis and Vassiliki Mancoridis
"Arthur Ashe: Taking Center Court" Masterman High School Stephen Njiru, Shums Lareef, Andrea Ngjela, John Beggy, and Brian Reidy
"Jack Johnson: A Champion in the Ring and For His People" Masterman High School Damon Luong and Danny Le