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Qualifiers, Junior Division, National History Day Philadelphia 2017

Individual Documentary
"Betty Friedan and the Book that Changed the Women's Movement"Independence Charter School Sarah Cohen
"Muhammad Ali: The Legend" Independence Charter School Julian Williams
Group Documentary
"Treating the People: The Pennsylvania's Hospitals Contribution to Medicine" McCall School Isabella Ortiz, Sikai Zheng and Emily Maiorano
"Taking a stand - A Clara Lemlich Story" Independence Charter School Molly Coats, Sofia Cavicchia and Eliana-Eliyas Alfaro-Allah
"Doctor Thomas Dent Mütter: Revolutionizing Surgery in the 1800s"St. Peter's School Ami Klinghoffer, Mia Klinghoffer and Mimi Salgado
Individual Exhibit
"President of Conservation" McCall School Phoebe You
"Nat Turner: Slave rebellion in Southampton County, VA"McCall School Skyleah Brown
"1964 Columbia Avenue Riots"Math, Civics, and Sciences Charter School, Taylor Tyson
"Cesar Chavez : Takin A Stand For Farmers Across The Nation"AMY at James Martin Victoria Horton
Group Exhibit
"Helen Keller's Quest for Equal Opportunities"McCall School Lucia Layden, Matthew Becker and Kyle Leong
"Indian Independence: Gandhi Salt March"McCall School Kareena Kamdar and Rianne Delos-Reyes
"Let the Stories be Heard: Ida B. Wells' Stand"Fitler Academics Plus Kareema Chisolm and Kharriyyah Tumaini
"Muhammad Ali: Taking A Stand" Woodrow Wilson Middle School Tony Trinh, Fawad Subhani, Omar Mustafa and Mohamed Hassanein
"Changing the Game: Don Haskins and the 1965-66 Texas Western Miners Basketball Team" St. Peter's School Shaun Snyder and Roi Hananel
"Alice Paul: Striving for Women's Equality" AMY at James Martin Lena Manassra and Tasneem Motan
"The Vietnam War" Julia De Burgos School Kaylee Valeriano and Mahiyyah Leake
"Jazz Musicians Sing Out Against Discrimination"Woodrow Wilson Middle School Loubna Ftouh, Haley Kaufman, Payton Gadson and Helen Chen
Individual Paper
"Opposition of The United States Entanglement in Battle: Standing Up Against The Vietnam War"Woodrow Wilson Middle Schoo Hazel Scholl
Individual Performance
"The Black Man's Fury: Nat Turner"Independence Charter School Amira Barrett
"Believing in a Gender Deviant Warrior: Joan of Arc - Taking A Stand in the Hundred Years' War" St. Peter's School Layla Palmer
Group Performance
"The Battle of Thermopylae" Independence Charter School Samuel Friedman and Marcel Roscioli
"The Unfair Life of Mandela" Julia De Burgos School Shakuar Sommerville, Eric Santa and Antonio Moore
Individual Website
"Theodore Roosevelt: Establishment of the National Park Service" McCall School Kevin Lin
"Cesar Chavez"Independence Charter School Alex Jimenez
"The Harlem Hellfighters" Independence Charter School Tristan Dini
Group Website
"The Highest Glass Ceiling: Victoria Woodhull"C.C.A. Baldi Middle School Gladys Ramos. Maab Taha, Abigail Thomas and Anastasia Volyanyuk
"It Was Like They Had Never Seen a Woman Before': Lois Jenson's Stan"Independence Charter School Layla Smith and Margaux Engel
"Iqbal Masih, A Hero in Pakistan"Independence Charter School Ali Shabazz, Elliot Snyder and James "Doyle" DiStefano
"Making a MOVE in History"Independence Charter School Lily Greer, Kofi Kohl and Darien Alston-Baldwin